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May 16, 2015


"Posthoorn" and "Mistletoe" Gins
Early Saloon Sign

State House Coffee Tin
Black Hawk Coffee & Spice Co.

Pens & Pencils Milk Glass Globe

Early 1900 Ruhstallers Gilt Edge Lager Beer
18" Reverse Glass Sign

Bartletts Springs Mineral Water
S.F. Cal. Serving tray

Early 1900's Admiral Dewey "Victory"
5 Cigar Tray

Ruhstaller's Gilt Edge Steam Beer
Sacramento, CAL.

Monticello Distilling Company
Self-framed Tin Sign

Goodrich Tires
Flange Sign

Western Ammunition
Paper Sign

Maas & Steffen Co. Furs
1946 Calendar

1913 UMC
Arms and Ammunition Calendar

Mayo's Cut Plug Cock O" The Walk
Tobacco Porcelain Sign

  Cunningham's Ice Cream
Factory scene Serving Tray Pre-Pro


Northwestern Bottling Works
Butte, Montana Serving Tray


1926 Winchester Store Calendar
from "Plunketts" located in both
Red Lodge & Bear Creek, Montana

1932 Drink Coca~Cola Porcelain Sign

1905-15 Inland Brewery
Spokane, Washington Serving Tray

Fehr's Malt Tonic
Large Self Framed Oval Sign

Early Betsy Ross
5 Cigar Tin Sign

Arctic Ice Cream
Tin Serving Tray

1930's "Pennzoil Lubrication" Gas Station sign
measures a large 6' X 2'

"Green Turtle" Cigars
Lunch Pail tin

Thompson Valves
Tin Flange Sign

UMC Remington

Mission Orange "Ice Cold"
Soda Fountain Dispenser

Diebold Protection
Tin Sign

Walt Disney
Calso Gasoline Sign

1917 Winchester
Guns and Cartridges Calendar

Gunpowder tin

John Sides Furniture

Taylor Bros. "Wagon Wheel"
Free Trial Package Pocket Tin