Photos from Next Auction November 1, 2014


1907 Cyrus Noble Whiskey Sign
"Bucking The Tiger"

1925 Winchester Bear Dogs
Poster by H.R. Poore

1899 Union Metallic Cartridge Co. litho
Cartridge board
by noted artist Carl Rungius

1914 Winchester Window Die cut
by noted artist Philip R. Goodwin

1930's Grizzly Gasoline
Pump Globe, Montana

1907 Mills 5¢ "Little Gem" Trade Stimulator

1910 Centennial Brewing Co.
Butte, Montana
Factory scene Serving Tray

Days of '49 Whiskey , San Francisco, Cal.
Counter Top Diecut

1930's Buffalo Brewing, Sacramento Cal.
Light Up Sign

1916 Drink PORTER'S
Beverage Serving Tray

1910-1916 General Store
Post (New) Toasties String Holder

1870-80's  Dr. Siegert's Angostura Bitters
Embossed Tin Saloon Sign


1924 Winchester Store Baseball Catalogue

1920 - 30s Jas. E. Pepper Whiskey
Lighted Reverse Glass Back Bar Sign

1914 Coca Cola Calendar

1910-1915 KOW KURE (For Cows only)
Feed Store String Holder

1910-15 Petts' BALD EAGLE Whiskey
Sold Here Serving Tray

Kiss-Me Gum Tin Litho self framed sign


1939 Coca-Cola Flange sign

Folk Art Cigar Store Counter top
Indian Chief

1920's Peters Cartridge Co. die cut
with 3 Boy's .22 Shooting


1920's Peters Shot Shell Case Insert
Duck Hunting

1900 Allcocks Porous Plasters
& Brandreths Pills

Lipton's Tea
String Holder Circa 1910

1930s Western New Chief Shot Shells Die Cut