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1906 -1910 Winchester W. R. Crosby
Die Cut Cardboard Counter Sign

1915 Billings Brewing Co.
Montana Serving Tray

1910 Buffalo Brewing Co. Sacramento, Ca
Large Tin Litho Sign

Winchester Guns and Ammunition Poster
Fishing Tackle Batteries et al

1900 Pan American OrangeAde
Embossed Tin Sign

1915 Peters Ammunition
Peters Cartridge Co. Poster

1918 Winchester Grouse with Leader Shot Shells
Cardboard Countertop Sign

1923 Gallikers
Ice Cream Serving Tray

1920s Eagle Top Aluminum Fire Helmet
Alameda Fire Dept. Ca., No.1 Hose

1910 -1915 Enterprise Brewing Co. "Yosemite Beer"
San Francisco Ca. Serving Tray

Early 900 MJB "Power Pure Coffee"
25 One Pound Container
San Francisco Ca

1913 Selby Loads Calendar
San Francisco Ca

1926 Winchester Poster
N.C. Wyeth

1950s Shamrock
Gas Pump Globe

Rainer Beer
Tin Litho Sign

Salem Brewery Association
Tin Litho Tray

1930 Standard Oil "Pearl Oil"
Double Sided Flange Sign

1910 Mt. Hood Brew'g Co.
Beer Tray

1931 Signal Gas double sided
Porcelain Sign - 6' foot across

Phillips Gasoline
Large Double Porcelain Sign

1900s Pharmacy Apothecary Leaded Stained Glass Hanging Lamp Globes